Love in the Hook-up Culture

I am afraid that I am losing myself. I used to be so popular and everyone wanted me but now it seems as if I have no value. I am often over-looked and people take me for granted. This concerns me greatly because I want to contribute to the lives of others. I have so much to give but Its as if no one wants me.
I miss you so much. I spent years looking for you and then I just gave up. I thought I would have to live my whole life without you, and I was ok with that. You were so difficult to find… until I stopped looking for you. When I started to value myself and focus on my own life, you came back to me. Im thrilled to have you here again. It feels so good to have you back, you are such a wonderful gift to me.
Unfortunately, I do share your concern. I have noticed that the world we live in has evolved into a hook-up culture were love is viewed as unattainable, feared greatly, or just an afterthought.  I have always felt that there needs to be more of you in the world. So I decided to spend the rest of my life writing and chronicling love. My own and the other’s. In doing so, I became The Love Narrator. I found that love is priceless but its not rare, however its facing scarcity. It all boils down to how we view ourselves and others. It is my desire to add more and display as much love as I can while I can. Cheers!


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I am like you, I love and desire to be loved. I hope, dream, feel, cry and I long to have my dreams realized. It is my objective to speak with passion, love, and truth. Living a life of love (my life’s goal) is the single most challenging initiative that I know of. Also, it is the most rewarding ambition. The mandate is clear. The task is at hand. It takes building an enormous amount of faith to get anything accomplished in this life. So let’s do it together! When I am not writing about faith, hope, or love, you can find me sipping on a delicious cup of tea, while snuggling up with my favorite book. Or, of course, shopping for shoes.