Love: Fact or Feeling?

I love God and have been a Christian for 20 years but this is not a spiritual blog. I write about love but faith is another matter entirely. God co-authors the story of my life, so he will be mentioned in my narrative from time to time. You have your viewpoint and I have mine. Of course, both are to be respected.
Back to love….It has been my observation that we have two forces working at opposition in the world at all times. I am not speaking about good and evil, but two forces of a different kind. Feeling love and Fact love. Have you ever experienced love that just is. You don’t question it. You don’t analyze it. It is as real and tangible to you as the nose on your face. If you haven’t yet you will at some point. Fact love. A force. A state of being. Your heart’s home. Your baby’s smile, your spouse’s hand, your Mother’s voice-all evidence of love that is factual.
Can’t breathe, can’t wait, and can’t stop thinking about him/her? You maybe experiencing feeling love. Yes fact love has an emotional element to it, but feeling love is purely emotional. Butterflies, heart palpitations, and a gravitational pull that rivals anything you have ever felt before. The intangible. Feeling love.The way you feel when you ________. Fill in the blank. See him or her. Drink this or that. Snort whatever. I am not the first to introduce drugs and love in the same statement. You recall the movie “Love & Other Drugs”!. Feeling love alone can be dangerous. Fleeting and sometimes unrequited. Can you imagine the objective of loving another person fueled solely by your feelings?
I am sure that I am not the only one who feels different on a Monday than I do on Tuesday. So how valuable is feeling love from that vantage point? Transparently, I feel a certain way when I eat Ben & Jerry’s, that sometimes seems stronger than how I feel about some people. I know you have never felt that way though 😉 Feeling love is not my best effort. Fact love is. Fact love says I love you know matter how, when, where, what, or why. The world needs more fact love. Feeling love is just junk food.


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I am like you, I love and desire to be loved. I hope, dream, feel, cry and I long to have my dreams realized. It is my objective to speak with passion, love, and truth. Living a life of love (my life’s goal) is the single most challenging initiative that I know of. Also, it is the most rewarding ambition. The mandate is clear. The task is at hand. It takes building an enormous amount of faith to get anything accomplished in this life. So let’s do it together! When I am not writing about faith, hope, or love, you can find me sipping on a delicious cup of tea, while snuggling up with my favorite book. Or, of course, shopping for shoes.