My Way Does Not Work

I moved to Chicago in March 2012. I didn’t know anyone except my half-sister that I became newly acquainted with a few years prior. I lived in a small town in Southern Georgia just North of Jacksonville, Florida at the time and God told me that I was moving soon. Eager to branch out, I anxiously awaited more details.

When it was clear that Chicago was my next destination I was both confused and fearful. I had never lived in a huge city and Chicago’s reputation was a complete deterrent. Nonetheless, I found a job right away and my move went smoothly. A few months later, I had grown tired of my 90-minute commute from the city to the burbs and began looking for a position in the city. As I sat at my dining room table, looking at job postings, The Lord spoke to me. He said, “Where you are going I am taking you, there is no way around me.” My thoughts stopped completely. I have grown accustomed to God speaking to me but when he does it’s as if time stands still. A simple phrase packs such deep meaning. I knew what He meant instantly. I have always thought that if I find the perfect city, the right job, and a suitable man that I would feel satisfied with my life. I have learned that that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I have spent a lot of time searching. I have lived in 7 states as an adult. Held jobs in a variety of industries. Traveled the world extensively and I now know that until I fulfill my God-given purpose, I will never be “satisfied” with my life.

The most satisfied and might I say fulfilled people that I have met are people that live in agreement with God. Friends lets get transparent. There are tasks that God has told me to do that I have not done. I thought that I could build my life on my own terms. I am sure you can relate.images-4 I quickly found out that my way does not work. I have exhausted everything I know to do and I haven’t gotten very far. Sure I have attained some of my goals but I know deep down there is so much more that life has to offer. The only way to get there is to allow God to take me there by doing what he has told me. As He shared with me, there is no other way. I know what you are thinking, “I know people that have built a pretty good life on their own.” I do too, but God requires partnership with Him from me. I don’t know why but I am certain that my purpose hinges on the gifts that God makes available to me through living in agreement with Him.

agreement:  harmony of opinion, action, or character

Whether we believe it or not, there are opportunities and rewards that only those who live according to God’s plan will ever experience. The question remains then: how do we accomplish that? It’s very simple, we live in agreement with Him. We must live in harmony with him aligning our actions with the plans he reveals to us. When we receive a directive, rather than determine how we feel about it, we should just do it expediently. I am working on that as you read this. There are big plans for me and I am not sure if I have the discipline or fortitude to get it done. I do know that if I don’t try, I will forfeit the blessing of fulfillment in my life. I am not willing to do that, and it is that unwillingness that I intend to use as my motivation. As 2016 has almost come to a close, I am devising the blueprint for 2017. In this blueprint, I am focusing on my purpose according to God’s plan. My way does not work, and so I am going to do it God’s way. Stay tuned for the results. Happy Holiday Season!

xoxo Cozette


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I am like you, I love and desire to be loved. I hope, dream, feel, cry and I long to have my dreams realized. It is my objective to speak with passion, love, and truth. Living a life of love (my life’s goal) is the single most challenging initiative that I know of. Also, it is the most rewarding ambition. The mandate is clear. The task is at hand. It takes building an enormous amount of faith to get anything accomplished in this life. So let’s do it together! When I am not writing about faith, hope, or love, you can find me sipping on a delicious cup of tea, while snuggling up with my favorite book. Or, of course, shopping for shoes.

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  1. Hello Cozy, This is my first time ever responding to a blog writer. I read, but I never write. I know that the words God shares with you will be a blessing to me. I hope I did it right!

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