3 Minutes of What I Love About Me

For those of us who pride ourselves on being very self-aware, I am an INFP (Myers-Briggs Personality Test) and a 4 with a 5 wing and Self-Preservation variant (Enneagram Personality Test). So I know myself pretty well.

I was watching an inspiring video on 5 Steps to Loving Yourself 100% by Preston Smiles. It’s my first experience with his work and I must say that he and his wife are impressive! While his energy is contagious, I quickly realized that I primarily focus on what needs improvement within me and rarely celebrate my goodness. So I decided to come up with a list of all the things I could think of in 3 actual minutes that I love about myself. Here it goes:

I’m interestiunnamedng, love to laugh, sharp, intelligent, engaging, wise, great bone structure, smooth skin, straight white teeth, manners, polished demeanor, great vocabulary, strong, sensitive to others, beautiful feet, curvaceous, comfortable in any situation, great traveler, life-long learner, love intensely, interested in the story of others, helpful, love God, committed to God, serve well, lead well, well-spoken, great cook, neat & tidy, funny, intuitive, empathic, nurturing, pay attention, speak well, write well, love to read, my cheeks are rosy, photogenic, dogs and babies love me, cuddly, inviting, committed to self-development, communicate well, affectionate, can hear God and I do what He says, unique,  magnetic conversationalist, and I am told smell good often.

I decided that 2017 would have more smiles and a lot less tears. The first thing I want to celebrate is the wonderful person God made me, while I am working on the rest. I want to love myself in a way that emanates from me and reflects on those around me. God made me and said, “It is good.” I agree. 🙂

P.S.-Make your list.



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I am like you, I love and desire to be loved. I hope, dream, feel, cry and I long to have my dreams realized. It is my objective to speak with passion, love, and truth. Living a life of love (my life’s goal) is the single most challenging initiative that I know of. Also, it is the most rewarding ambition. The mandate is clear. The task is at hand. It takes building an enormous amount of faith to get anything accomplished in this life. So let’s do it together! When I am not writing about faith, hope, or love, you can find me sipping on a delicious cup of tea, while snuggling up with my favorite book. Or, of course, shopping for shoes.